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The End of Time

The Maya Mystery of 2012

by Anthony Aveni

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" A concise and authoritative overview, providint a valuable introduction for non-experts. . . . The writing style is engaging and clear, and the author never talks down to the reader. Summing up: Highly recommended."
Choice Magazine

"Anthony Aveni delivers the goods on 2012. This isn't really a book about the Maya. It's about us. Read it now while there's still time."
—Dr. E.C. Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory

"This marvelously informative book should dispel all fears of worldly disasters or transformations that December 21, 2012 might bring."
—Grant D. Jones, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Davidson College

"Today's foremost archaeoastronomer explains what 2012 meant to the Maya and, more importantly, what it has come to mean for us. . . . a must for anyone interested in the year 2012."
—Elizabeth Hill Boone, Martha and Donald Robertson Chair in Latin American Art, Tulane University

"This is a valuable little book to be enjoyed by specialist and non-specialist. While it does not refute each and every argument, it does provide the reader with a good general introduction to the controversy and a better understanding of just what all the furor is about."
—John F. Schwaller, SUNY-Potsdam

"Anthony Aveni is a passionate scholar and a vivid, engaging writer. . . .He is a polymath, too, with an astounding range of interests and knowledge. Like Jared Diamond, Aveni is a brilliant synthesizer, and a delightful one."
—Oliver Sacks

"... out of the hundreds of books that have been published to date on the theme of Maya predictions or prophecies for 2012 only the two reviewed here stand out as works of sober, informed scholarship within scientific and historic paradigms. Their erudition and throroughness should make it clear to any discerning reader that they are in an entirely different category of scholarship that the majority of what is offered to the general public."
—John. W Hoopes, Archaeoastronomy

December 21, 2012. The Internet, bookshelves, and movie theaters are full of prophecies, theories, and predictions that this date marks the end of the world, or at least the end of the world as we know it. Whether the end will result from the magnetic realignment of the north and south poles, bringing floods, earthquakes, death, and destruction; or from the return of alien caretakers to enlighten or enslave us; or from a global awakening, a sudden evolution of Homo sapiens into non-corporeal beings - theories of great, impending changes abound.

In The End of Time, award-winning astronomer and Maya researcher Anthony Aveni explores these theories, explains their origins, and measures them objectively against evidence unearthed by Maya archaeologists, iconographers, and epigraphers. He probes the latest information astronomers and earth scientists have gathered on the likelihood of Armageddon and the oft-proposed link between the Maya Long Count cycle and the precession of the equinoxes. He then expands on these prophecies to include the broader context of how other cultures, ancient and modern, thought about the "end of things" and speculates on why cataclysmic events in human history have such a strong appeal within American pop culture.

Anthony Aveni was interviewed on Ohio's WDJQ-Q92.5 FM on Oct. 14th. Click here to listen!

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Author Bio:

Anthony Aveni: Anthony Aveni is Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of Astronomy, Anthropology, and Native American Studies at Colgate University, where he has taught since 1963, and one of the founders of cultural astronomy. He has researched and written about Maya Astronomy for more than four decades. He has been awarded the H.B. Nicholson Medal for Excellence in Research in Mesoamerican Studies by Harvard's Peabody Museum. Aveni was voted National Professor of the Year by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in Washington, DC, and named one of the ten best professors in the United States by Rolling Stone in 1991. At Colgate he has received, among other teaching awards, the Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching (1997), the Balmuth Teaching Award (2011), and the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society's Distinguished Teaching Award voted by the Freshman Class of 1990. In 2013, he was awarded the Fryxell Medal for Interdisciplinary Research by the Society of American Archaeologists.

ISBN: 978-0-87081-961-2
Pages: 200
Illustrations: 21
Published: 2009
Discount Type: Trade

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