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Classic Period Mixtequilla, Veracruz, Mexico

Diachronic Inferences from Residental Navigations

by Barbara L. Stark

Classic Period Mixtequilla, Veracruz, Mexico

The Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, University at Albany

IMS Monograph Series

This archaeological site report presents new in sights on an important but poorly-studied Mesoamerican culture-the Classic period of the Mexican Gulf Coast. Stark discusses her excavations at several sites in the Mixtequilla region, describes the deposits and artifacts encountered, and provides interpretations of the sites and their significance within a wider context. Her analysis of the ephemeral remains of perishable houses is innovative and contains one of the most sophisticated treatments of site formation processes yet carried out in Latin America. Particularly important is the identification of some of the earliest spindle whorls in Mesoamerica, leading to new views of the importance of cotton textiles in the changing economies of the Late Preclassic and Classic periods. Superb artifact illustrations, detailed descriptions, and an ample use of data tables, make this a valuable reference work. Mesoamericanists will find much of interest in this book, as will readers interested in tropical lowland settlement patterns, household archaeology, and site formation processes.

ISBN: 978-0-942041-17-0
Format: Paper
Pages: 411
Published: 2001

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