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Inside Higher Ed reviews Inventing the World Grant University!

December 07, 2017

Check out a review of Inventing the World Grant University: Chinese International Students’ Mobilities, Literacies, and Identities, by Steven Fraiberg, Xiqiao Wang, and Xiaoye You, in Inside Higher Ed

"[Inventing the World Grant University] is deeply grounded in theory, specifically theories of 'mobile literacies,' an approach that the authors write 'centers on how literacy affords and constrains movement of actors, identities and practices across geographical and social structures.' But readers who aren’t invested in the theoretical framework can still find much of interest in the authors’ analysis of how the recent and rapid growth in the number of Chinese students on American campuses raises questions about 'who changes, how much and into what.' . . . [the book] also provides a glimpse into the rich underground learning networks created by many Chinese students . . . "



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