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Native American and Indigenous Studies

The Harriman Expedition to Alaska

Encountering the Tlingit and Eskimo in 1899

The Invasion of Indian Country in the Twentieth Century

American Capitalism and Tribal Natural Resources

Second Edition

The Journey of Navajo Oshley

An Autobiography and Life History

The Longest Story Ever Told

Qayaq the Magical Man

The Nahua

Language and Culture from the Sixteenth Century to the Present

The Northern Navajo Frontier, 1860-1900

Expansion through Adversity

The Rhetorical Mediator

Understanding Agency in Indigenous Translation and Interpretation through Indigenous Approaches to UX

The Sámi People

Traditions in Transition

The San Luis Valley

Land of the Six-Armed Cross

Second Edition

The Sea Woman

Sedna in Inuit Shamanism and Art in the Eastern Arctic

The Transnational Construction of Mayanness

Reading Modern Mesoamerica through US Archives

The Upper Tanana Dene

People of This Land

The Whales, They Give Themselves

The Conversations with Harry Brower, Sr.

They Sang for Horses

The Impact of the Horse on Navajo and Apache Folklore

To the Chukchi Peninsula and the Tlingit Indians 1881-1882

Journals and Letters by Aurel and Arthur Krause

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