University of Alaska Press

Publishing books on politics and history, Native languages and cultures, science and natural history, biography and memoir, poetry, fiction and anthologies, and original translations, all with an emphasis on the state of Alaska.

The Wake of the Unseen Object

Travels through Alaska's Native Landscapes

The Whales, They Give Themselves

The Conversations with Harry Brower, Sr.

The White Pass

Gateway to the Klondike

The Yukon Relief Expedition

and the Journal of Carl Johan Sakariassen

There's a Moose in My Garden

Designing Gardens for Alaska and the Far North


Class and Crime in Urban Alaska

Through Orthodox Eyes

Russian Missionary Narratives of Travels to the Dena'ina and Ahtna 1850s-1930s

Through Their Eyes

A Community History of Eagle, Circle, and Central

Time of Warring/Anguyiim Nalliini

The History of Bow-and-Arrow Warfare in Southwest Alaska

To Russia With Love

An Alaskan's Journey

To the Chukchi Peninsula and the Tlingit Indians 1881-1882

Journals and Letters by Aurel and Arthur Krause

Tongass Odyssey

Seeing the Forest Ecosystem through the Politics of Trees

Treadwell Gold

An Alaska Saga of Riches and Ruin


The Stone People Who Live in the Wind

Ultimate Americans

Point Hope, Alaska 1826-1909

Until Death Do Us Part

The Letters and Travels of Anna and Vitus Bering

Walk Softly With Me

Adventures of a Woman Big-Game Guide in Alaska

Wealth Woman

Kate Carmack and the Klondike Race for Gold

Wesley Earl Dunkle

Alaska's Flying Miner

When the Geese Come

The Journals of a Moravian Missionary, Ella Mae Ervin Romig. 1898-1905, Southwest Alaska

When the Laughing Stopped

The Strange, Sad Death of Will Rogers

Where the Echo Began

and Other Oral Traditions from Southwestern Alaska Recorded by Hans Himmelheber

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