Traditions, Transitions, and Technologies

Themes in Southwestern Archaeology

edited by Sarah H. Schlanger

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Proceedings of the Southwest Symposium Series

Traditions, Transitions, and Technologies offers diverse perspectives on the state of Southwestern archaeology at the end of the twentieth century, linking the legacies of the past to present trends by placing current research into historical context. Organized around classic themes central to the history of the discipline, this volume explores important new research avenues for understanding the connections between historic Pueblo communities and their distant ancestors, the origins of farming traditions, and the development of the Southwest's distinctive tools and technologies. Providing a unique overview of past and present work in this important region, Traditions, Transitions, and Technologies will be of interest to all doing archaeological research in the Southwestern United States.

Contributors: Jenny L. Adams, Karl K. Benedict, Eric Blinman, Elizabeth A. Brandt, David Burdick, John P. Carpenter, John E. Clark, Winifred Creamer, Michael W. Diehl, Don Fowler, Phil R. Geib, David A. Gregory, Jonathan Haas, Judith A. Habicht-Mauche, Patricia Hamlen, Robert J. Hard, Kelley Hays-Gilpin, Bruce B. Huckell, Lisa W. Huckell, Jonathan B. Mabry, Kit Nelson, Kathy Niles Hensler, Nancy Odegaard, Stephen S. Post, James M. Potter, Robert W. Preucel, Lisa Renken, Michael R. Robins, John R. Roney, Guadalupe Sanchez, James E. Snead, Kimberly Spurr, Loa P. Traxler, Maria Elisa Villalpando, John A. Ware, Aaron Wenzel, Michael V. Wilcox


Sarah H. Schlanger is the Associate State Archaeologist with the New Mexico Bureau of Land Management in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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