A Quetzalcóatl Tale of Chocolate

by Marilyn Parke Haberstroh and Sharon Panik, illustrations by Lynn Castle

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Quetzalcoatl tales are ancient legends from Mexico and Central America that have been passed down through the ages, primarily by oral tradition. The Quetzalcoatl Tales Series, aimed at K-5 students, particularly in first and fifth grade, introduces young children to these wonderful stories with their sensitive portrayal of this rich and significant culture. These vividly illustrated texts are available in English and Spanish and are accompanied by teacher's guides that provide the archaeological and historical background of each story, as well as a wide range of engaging and educational activities for students.

A Quetzalcoatl Tale of Corn tells how Quetzalcoatl followed a trail of ants to the Mountain of Sustenance and stole maize from the gods to feed his people, while A Quetzalcoatl Tale of Chocolate tells the story of Two Wind Deer, the boy who brought chocolate to the people of the earth. In A Quetzalcoatl Tale of the Ball Game, Quetzalcoatl saves his people from war by playing a game with a rubber ball against the Rain God and is rewarded for winning with jade and quetzal feathers.


Marilyn Parke Haberstroh and Sharon Panik are retired elementary school teachers from the Poudre School District in Colorado.

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  • Paperback Price: $9.95
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  • Publication Month: March
  • Publication Year: 2014
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  • Author: by Marilyn Parke Haberstroh and Sharon Panik, illustrations by Lynn Castle
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