Energy Impacts

A Multidisciplinary Exploration of North American Energy Development

edited by Jeffrey B. Jacquet, Julia H. Haggerty, & Gene L. Theodori

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Society and Natural Resources Book Series, copublished with the Society and Natural Resources Press

A very valuable contribution. Anyone involved in energy development research will benefit from the exceptional overview of the literature that Energy Impacts provides.”
—Don E. Albrecht, Utah State University

“The volume clearly demonstrates that ‘energy is a social issue with technical components’ . . . . Highly recommended”

Development of various energy sources continues across North America and around the world, raising questions about social and economic consequences for the places and communities where these activities occur. Energy Impacts brings together important new research on site-level social, economic, and behavioral impacts from large-scale energy development. Featuring conceptual and empirical multidisciplinary research from leading social scientists, the volume collects a broad range of perspectives to understand North America’s current energy uses and future energy needs.

Twelve chapters from respected scholars in a variety of disciplines present new ways to consider and analyze energy impact research. Focused on varied energy topics, geographies, and disciplines, each chapter includes a policy brief that summarizes the work and provides “key takeaways” to apply the findings to policy and public discourse.

Meaningful public engagement is critical in limiting the negative implications of energy development, and understanding the social influences on and of energy systems is a cornerstone of addressing the climate crisis. As such, Energy Impacts is a significant work for students, scholars, and professionals working in sociology, education, geography, environmental studies, and public health.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1528422. Publication is also supported, in part, by Montana State University.

Contributors: Ali Adil, Lisa Bailey-Davis, Nancy Bowen-Elizey, Morey Burnham, Weston Eaton, Heather Feldhaus, Felix Fernando, Emily Grubert, C. Clare Hinrichs, John Hintz, Richard Hirsh, Season Hoard, Tamara Laninga, Eric Larson, Achla Marathe, Natalie Martinkus, Seven Mattes, Ronald Meyers, Patrick Miller, Ethan Minier, Myra Moss, Jacob Mowery, Thomas Murphy, Sevda Ozturk Sari, John Parkins, Christopher Podeschi, Nathan Ratledge, Sanne Rijkhoff, Kelli Roemer, Todd Schenk, Anju Seth, Kate Sherren, Jisoo Sim, Marc Stern, Jessica Ulrich-Schad, Cameron Whitley, Laura Zachary

Jeffrey B. Jacquet is assistant professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University. One of the first sociologists to study the process of hydraulic fracturing, Jacquet has gone on to examine a range of renewable- and non-renewable-energy-related social and environmental systems at institutions including the University of Wyoming, Cornell University, and South Dakota State University. At Ohio State, Jacquet leads students through coursework and mentorship to examine the areas of energy, environment, and rural societies.

Julia H. Haggerty is associate professor of geography in the Department of Earth Sciences at Montana State University and holds a joint appointment at the Montana Institute on Ecosystems. At MSU, she supervises the research activities of the Resources & Communities Research Group focused on understanding the ways rural communities respond to shifting economic and policy trajectories, especially as they involve land and natural resource use.

Gene L. Theodori is professor of sociology at Sam Houston State University. He has received both the Excellence in Extension and Public Outreach Award and the Distinguished Rural Sociologist Award from the Rural Sociological Society and the awards for Excellence in Extension and Public Service, Excellence in Research, and Excellence in Teaching from the Southern Rural Sociological Association. He has been president of the Southern Rural Sociological Association, coeditor of the Journal of Rural Social Sciences, and treasurer of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources.

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