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Hunter Gatherer

A Prehistory of South America

Ancient Cultural Diversity on the Least Known Continent


The Archaeology of Plenitude

Anthropology without Informants

Collected Works in Paleoanthropology by L. G. Freeman

Archaeology without Borders

Contact, Commerce, and Change in the U.S. Southwest and Northwestern Mexico

Cooperation and Collective Action

Archaeological Perspectives

Crossroads of Culture

Anthropology Collections at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Exploring Cause and Explanation

Historical Ecology, Demography, and Movement in the American Southwest

Foraging in the Past

Archaeological Studies of Hunter-Gatherer Diversity

Frontiers in Colorado Paleoindian Archaeology

From the Dent Site to the Rocky Mountains

How Humans Cooperate

Confronting the Challenges of Collective Action

Relating to Rock Art in the Contemporary World

Navigating Symbolism, Meaning, and Significance

Sacred Darkness

A Global Perspective on the Ritual Use of Caves

Spirit Lands of the Eagle and Bear

Numic Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the Rocky Mountains and Borderlands

Stones, Bones, and Profiles

Exploring Archaeological Context, Early American Hunter-Gatherers, and Bison

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