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More than a Moment

Contextualizing the Past, Present, and Future of MOOCs

by Steven D. Krause

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“The capstone on a textbook example of the intersection of education and technology, with all the politics and economics behind it. The MOOC moment may be over, but I can imagine teachers, students, education researchers, and even historians reaching for it as a guide the next time a technology-that-will-save-everything pops up.”
—Ben Fink, coauthor of The Problem with Education Technology (Hint: It's Not the Technology)

“This book is valuable to educators, administrators, and students who find themselves struggling with online learning. Anyone who is teaching or requiring others to teach online will find the student and teacher perspectives refreshing and engaging.”
—Shawn Apostel, Bellarmine University

"There is more to the MOOC than initially meets the eye, and there is a clear opportunity to collectively learn from experiences to date. The book would appeal to readers interested in an appraisal of the position of MOOCs in the educational technology field and to those exploring how this links with social, economic and educational policy with a critical eye. The detail and perspectives within the book trigger a strong reminder that MOOCs have an important position to assist that collective learning."
Journal of Interactive Media in Education


As recently as 2012, massive open online courses (MOOCs) looked poised to revolutionize higher education, but in just a few years their flaws and problems have made them into a less relevant model. In More than a Moment, Steven D. Krause explores MOOCs and their continuing impact on distance learning in higher education, putting them in the context of technical innovations that have come before and those that will be part of the educational future.

Krause writes about his own experiences as a participant in several MOOCs and the experiences of faculty who developed and taught MOOCs. Contrary to many early claims from educational entrepreneurs, they were never entirely “new,” and MOOCs and their aftermath are still at the heart of the tensions between nonprofit universities and for-profit entities, particularly online program management firms, in delivering distance education.

While MOOCs are no longer a threat to education in the United States, they are part of the ongoing corporatization of education and remain part of conversations about experienced-based credit, corporate training, and open education. Presenting historical, student, teacher, and administrative perspectives, More than a Moment is a well-rounded treatment that will be of interest to academics and entrepreneurs interested in distance education, online pedagogy, online program management, and public-private partnerships in higher education.

Steven D. Krause is professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Eastern Michigan University. His teaching and scholarship explore the connections between writing, rhetoric, pedagogy, and technology. He is coeditor of Invasion of the MOOCs: The Promise and Perils of Massive Open Online Courses.

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