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Utah State University Press

Fairy Tale Films

Visions of Ambiguity

Faithful Transgressions

Six Twentieth-Century Mormon Women's Autobiographical Acts


A Multimodal Reader

Feminist Technical Communication

Apparent Feminisms, Slow Crisis, and the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

First Time Up

An Insider's Guide for New Composition Teachers

Folk Culture in the Digital Age

The Emergent Dynamics of Human Interaction

Folklore and the Internet

Vernacular Expression in a Digital World

Folklore in Utah

A History and Guide to Resources

Folklore Rules

A Fun, Quick, and Useful Introduction to the Field of Academic Folklore Studies


Popular Film as Vernacular Culture

Following Tradition

Folklore in the Discourse of American Culture

From Military to Academy

The Writing and Learning Transitions of Student-Veterans

From the Ground Up

The History of Mining in Utah

Generation Vet

Composition, Student Veterans, and the Post-9/11 University

Genre and the Invention of the Writer

Reconsidering the Place of Invention in Composition

Ghosts and the Japanese

Cultural Experience in Japanese Death Legends

Go East, Young Man

Imagining the American West as the Orient

Going North Thinking West

The Intersections of Social Class, Critical Thinking, and Politicized Writing Instruction

Going Public

What Writing Programs Learn from Engagement

Good God but You Smart!

Language Prejudice and Upwardly Mobile Cajuns

Great Basin National Park

A Guidebook to the Park and Surrounding Area

Hashtag Activism Interrogated and Embodied

Case Studies on Social Justice Movements

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