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Utah State University Press

Teaching with Student Texts

Essays Toward an Informed Practice

Telling Stories

Perspectives on Longitudinal Writing Research


The Activist WPA

Changing Stories about Writing and Writers

The Anguish of Snails

Native American Folklore in the West

The Case for Critical Literacy

A History of Reading in Writing Studies

The Center Will Hold

Critical Perspectives on Writing Center Scholarship

The Composition Commons

Writing a New Idea of the University

The Dual Enrollment Kaleidoscope

Reconfiguring Perceptions of First-Year Writing and Composition Studies

The Dynamics of Folklore

Revised and Expanded Edition

The Embodied Playbook

Writing Practices of Student-Athletes

The Everyday Writing Center

A Community of Practice

The Fierce Tribe

Masculine Identity and Performance in the Circuit

The Flowering Thorn

International Ballad Studies

The Folklore Muse

Poetry, Fiction, and Other Reflections by Folklorists

The Folkloresque

Reframing Folklore in a Popular Culture World

The Folklorist in the Marketplace

Conversations at the Crossroads of Vernacular Culture and Economics

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