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Sandra Jamieson

Information Literacy

Research and Collaboration across Disciplines

Points of Departure

Rethinking Student Source Use and Writing Studies Research Methods

Points of Departure Appendices

These appendices may be downloaded and used or modified for teaching or research purposes with attribution.

{tab Chapter 1}

Appendix 1.A
Appendix 1.B
Appendix 1.C
Appendix 1.D

{tab Chapter 2}

Appendix 2.A
Appendix 2.B

{tab Chapter 3}

Appendix 3.A
Appendix 3.B
Appendix 3.C

{tab Chapter 4}

Appendix 4.A
Appendix 4.B
Appendix 4.C

{tab Chapter 5}

Appendix 5.A
Appendix 5.B

{tab Chapter 6}

Appendix 6.A
Appendix 6.B
Appendix 6.C
Appendix 6.D

{tab Chapter 7}

Appendix 7.A

{tab Chapter 8}

Appendix 8.A
Appendix 8.B


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Sandra Jamieson

Sandra Jamieson is professor of English and Director of Writing Across the Curriculum at Drew University. She co-edited Information Literacy: Research and Collaboration Across the Disciplines, and Coming of Age: The Advanced Writing Curriculum (winner of the WPA Best Book Award), and is co-author of The Bedford Guide to Writing in the Disciplines. A Citation Project principal researcher, she has also published on various aspects of student writing.

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