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Contemporary Legend Casebook Series

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Diane Goldstein, Elissa R. Henken, Bill Ellis, David Puglia, Jeffrey A. Tolbert, Lynne S. McNeill, Elizabeth Tucker, General Editors.

The International Society for Contemporary Legend Research sponsors a series of casebooks on contemporary legends that is intended to appeal to scholars, students, and general readers. Each casebook, edited by one or two legend scholars, contains important previously published articles alongside new articles written by international scholars. Although these casebooks have a scholarly orientation, they are also appropriate for non-specialist readers who enjoy legends and want to gain a better understanding of their dynamics.

Legend casebooks fill the need for up-to-date and thorough studies of legends that can be used as texts in college courses. They present a variety of scholarly approaches, as well as variants of legend texts. Like Alan Dundes’s folklore casebooks published in the 1980s and 1990s, the casebooks in this series explore the complex meanings of narratives that have impacted cultural and reflected societal concerns. Members of our editorial committee include Diane E. Goldstein, professor of Folklore at Indiana University; Elissa R. Henken, professor emerita of English at the University of Georgia; Elizabeth Tucker, professor of English at Binghamton University; Bill Ellis, professor emeritus of English at Penn State; John Laudun, associate professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette; and Lynne S. McNeill, assistant professor of Folklore at Utah State University.

Editors of casebooks are experts in their field who have presented papers and published articles and/or books on the subject in question. If you are interested in editing a casebook, please send a query or a brief proposal to Elizabeth Tucker ().

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A Contemporary Legend Casebook

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