Native American and Indigenous Studies

Take My Land - Take My Life

The Story of Congress's Historic Settlement of Alaska Native Land Claims, 1960-1971

Tales of Ticasuk

Eskimo Legends and Stories

Tanana and Chandalar

The Alaska Field Journals of Robert A. McKennan

Tell Me, Grandmother

Traditions, Stories, and Cultures of Arapaho People

The Alutiit/Sugpiat

A Catalog of the Collections of the Kunstkamera

The Anguish of Snails

Native American Folklore in the West

The Artists Behind the Work

Life Histories of Nick Charles, Sr., Frances Demientieff, Lena Sours, Jennie Thlunaut

The Dall Sheep Dinner Guest

Inupiaq Narratives of Northwest Alaska

The Divided Dominion

Social Conflict and Indian Hatred in Early Virginia

The Eskimo Storyteller

Folktales from Noatak, Alaska

The Greater Chaco Landscape

Ancestors, Scholarship, and Advocacy

The Harriman Expedition to Alaska

Encountering the Tlingit and Eskimo in 1899

The Invasion of Indian Country in the Twentieth Century

American Capitalism and Tribal Natural Resources

Second Edition

The Journey of Navajo Oshley

An Autobiography and Life History

The Longest Story Ever Told

Qayaq the Magical Man

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