Ritual, Festival, and Celebration

Jack Santino (Bowling Green State University), General Editor

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Celebrations, festivals, and rituals last, because they richly express the cultural values and social contexts of the folk groups who create them. Volumes in this series explore such traditions, and bring them to scholars and students of folklore in light of current folkloristic research.

All proposals for the Ritual, Festival, and Celebration Series should follow the press submission guidelines, and will be evaluated by the press acquisitions staff and the series editors, as well as outside experts.

Playing Dead

Mock Trauma and Folk Drama in Staged High School Drunk Driving Tragedies

Pole Raising and Speech Making

Modalities of Swedish American Summer Celebration

Public Performances

Studies in the Carnivalesque and Ritualesque

Winter Carnival in a Western Town

Identity, Change, and the Good of the Community

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