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Movement, Connectivity, and Landscape Change in the Ancient Southwest

edited by Margaret C. Nelson and Colleen A. Strawhacker

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Proceedings of the Southwest Symposium Series

A collection of the papers presented at the Twentieth Anniversary Southwest Symposium, Movement, Connectivity, and Landscape Change in the Ancient Southwest looks back at the issues raised in the first symposium in 1988 and tackles three contemporary domains in archaeology: landscape use and ecological change, movement and ethnogenesis, and connectivity among social groups through time and space. Across these sections the authors address the relevance of archaeology in the modern world; new approaches and concerns about collaboration across disciplines, communities, and subgroups; and the importance of multiple perspectives.

Particular attention is paid to the various ways that archaeology can and should contribute to contemporary social and environmental issues. Contributors come together to provide a synthetic volume on current research and possibilities for future explorations. Moving forward, they argue that archaeologists must continue to include researchers from across political and disciplinary boundaries and enhance collaboration with Native American groups.

This book will be of interest to professional and academic archaeologists, as well as students working in the field of the American Southwest.

Contributors: Karen R. Adams, Kurt F. Anschuetz, Wesley Bernardini, John Briggs, Catherine M. Cameron, Jeffery J. Clark, Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, William H. Doelle, Jonathan C. Driver, Andrew Duff, Severin Fowles, Patricia A. Gilman, Sharon J. Hall, J. Brett Hill, Jeffrey A. Homburg, C. David Johnson, John Kantner, Stewart B. Koyiyumptewa, Melissa Kruse-Peeples, Karl W. Laumbach, Stephen H. Lekson, William D. Lipe, Patrick D. Lyons, Randall H. McGuire, Guy R. McPherson, Barbara J. Mills, Paul E. Minnis, Margaret C. Nelson, Scott G. Ortman, Charles L. Redman, J. Jefferson Reid, Jonathan A. Sandor, Hoski Schaafsma, Gregson Schachner, Katherine A. Spielmann, Tammy Stone, Colleen Strawhacker, Ruth M. Van Dyke, Carla R. Van West, Bradley J. Vierra, Michael E. Whalen, Richard H. Wilshusen



Margaret C. Nelson is a professor in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change and the vice dean of Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University.

Colleen A. Strawhacker is a research scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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  • Publication Year: 2011
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  • Author: edited by Margaret C. Nelson and Colleen A. Strawhacker
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