Narrating Jane

Telling the Story of an Early African American Mormon Woman

by Quincy D. Newell

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Volume 21, The Leonard J. Arrington Lecture Series

In volume 21 of the Arrington Lecture Series, Quincy Newell studies the life of Jane Elizabeth Manning James, an African American, born in 1822, who converted to Mormonism in 1843. The narrative of Jane's life has to date been told in versions that favored official LDS positions on race and gender at the time of their telling. Newell's study here brings contemporary historical scholarship and critical distance to bear on the facts and the meanings of Jane M. James's experience.

The Arrington Lecture series, established by one of the twentieth-century West's most distinguished historians, Leonard Arrington, has become a leading forum for prominent historians to address topics related to Mormon history. Utah State University hosts the Leonard J. Arrington Mormon History Lecture Series through the Merrill-Cazier Library Special Collections and Archives department.


Quincy D. Newell is an associate professor of religious studies at Hamilton College.

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