Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers

by Jackie Grutsch McKinney

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Winner of the 2014 IWCA Best Book Award

"A critical text for current and future writing center administrators and scholars. . . . Peripheral Visions will be cited in future scholarship as a one of a growing collection of texts that desire to set the stage for the next phase of engagement with student writing."
—Daniel Sanford, Writing Center Journal


Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers aims to inspire a re-conception and re-envisioning of the boundaries of writing center work. Moving beyond the grand narrative of the writing center—that it is solely a comfortable, yet iconoclastic place where all students go to get one-to-one tutoring on their writing—McKinney shines light on other representations of writing center work.

McKinney argues that this grand narrative neglects the extent to which writing center work is theoretically and pedagogically complex, with ever-changing work and conditions, and results in a straitjacket for writing center scholars, practitioners, students, and outsiders alike. Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers makes the case for a broader narrative of writing center work that recognizes and theorizes the various spaces of writing center labor, allows for professionalization of administrators, and sees tutoring as just one way to perform writing center work.

McKinney explores possibilities that lie outside the grand narrative, allowing scholars and practitioners to open the field to a fuller, richer, and more realistic representation of their material labor and intellectual work.


Jackie Grutsch McKinney is the director of the Writing Center and professor of rhetoric and composition at Ball State University. She is author or coauthor of three books: Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers, Strategies for Writing Center Research, and The Working Lives of New Writing Center Directors, each of which has won an IWCA Outstanding Book Award.

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