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The New Work of Writing Across the Curriculum

Diversity and Inclusion, Collaborative Partnerships, and Faculty Development

by Staci M. Perryman-Clark

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"An engaging, informative, timely, and much-needed addition to the (lacking) conversation on diversity and inclusion in WAC studies.”
Sherri Craig, Virginia Tech 


The New Work of Writing Across the Curriculum is a descriptive analysis of how institutions can work to foster stronger intellectual activities around writing as connected to campus-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives. Author Staci M. Perryman-Clark blends theory and practice, grounds disciplinary conversations with practical examples of campus work, and provides realistic expectations for operations with budgetary constraints while enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion work in higher education.

Many of these initiatives are created in isolation, reinforcing institutional silos that are not used strategically to gain the attention of senior administrators, particularly those working at state-supported public institutions who must manage shrinking institutional budgets. Yet teaching and learning centers and WAC programs gain tremendously from one another by building explicit partnerships on campus-wide diversity initiatives that emphasize cultural competence. In addition, both cultural competence and written proficiency enhance the transferable skills necessary for completing undergraduate education requirements, and this work can be leveraged to draw the attention of senior administrative leadership.

Faculty development and WAC need to make diversity and inclusion initiatives a priority for professional development. The New Work of Writing Across the Curriculum reviews initiatives that point to increased understanding of diversity and inclusion that will be of significance to administrators, WAC specialists, faculty developers, and diversity officers across the spectrum of institutions of higher learning.

Staci M. Perryman-Clark is director of the Institute for Intercultural and Anthropological Studies and professor of English and African American studies at Western Michigan University. She is the author of Afrocentric Teacher-Research, coauthor of Students’ Right to Their Own Language, and coeditor of Black Perspectives on Writing Program Administration, recipient of the 2020 Council of Writing Program Administrators Best Book Award.

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  • Hardcover Price: $85.00
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  • Paperback Price: $21.95
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  • Ebook Price: $17.95
  • 30-day ebook rental price: $9.00
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  • Publication Month: August
  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Pages: 156
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  • Author: by Staci M. Perryman-Clark
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