Teaching Mindful Writers

by Brian Jackson

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Teaching Mindful Writers makes a definitive contribution to our field’s most central research emphases in this moment. It instantiates the theory and research of much recent work in metacognition, learning transfer, threshold concepts, and deliberate classroom practices. I’ve rarely been more impressed with the sheer breadth and masterful synthesis of a field’s literature than in this book.”
—Doug Downs, University of Montana

“This book is high quality in terms of its writing style, its engagement with recent writing studies research and theory, its focus on mindfulness and metacognition, and its organizing task model. The advice is excellent throughout the book, and Jackson explores the most important aspects of teaching FYC.”
—Dan Melzer, University of California, Davis

"Though this excellent volume explicitly invokes new writing teachers as its audience, it will be equally valuable to experienced writing teachers who want to refresh their pedagogy in light of new research in writing studies."


Teaching Mindful Writers introduces new writing teachers to a learning cycle that will help students become self-directed writers through planning, practicing, revising, and reflecting. Focusing on the art and science of instructing self-directed writers through major writing tasks, Brian Jackson helps teachers prepare students to engage purposefully in any writing task by developing the habits of mind and cognitive strategies of the mindful writer.

Relying on the most recent research in writing studies and learning theory, Jackson gives new teachers practical advice about setting up writing tasks, using daily writing, leading class discussions, providing feedback, joining teaching communities, and other essential tools that should be in every writing teacher’s toolbox. Teaching Mindful Writers is a timely, fresh perspective on teaching students to be self-directed writers.

Brian Jackson is associate professor of English at Brigham Young University, where he served as director of University Writing and worked with over 300 graduate instructors and adjuncts. His favorite course to teach is first-year writing. His work has appeared in Rhetoric Society Quarterly, College Composition and Communication, and other journals. He is coeditor of Trained Capacities (with Greg Clark), a book on John Dewey and democratic practice.

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