Interrogating Gendered Pathologies

edited by Erin A. Frost & Michelle F. Eble

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“Fascinating and crucial to the ongoing conversation about gender, rhetoric, and medicine/healthcare. This is important work.”
—A. Abby Knoblauch, Kansas State University


Interrogating Gendered Pathologies points out and critiques unjust patterns of pathology. Erin A. Frost and Michelle F. Eble assemble a transdisciplinary approach from/to technologies, rhetorics, philosophies, epistemologies, and biomedical data to consider the effects of biomedicine’s gendered norms on people’s lives. Using a range of complementary and intersectional theoretical approaches, contributors ask questions about rhetoric’s role in healthcare and how it differs depending on patient embodiment and the ways nonnormative bodies are pathologized.
These chapters engage common narratives about the ways in which gender in healthcare is secondary and highlights the stories of people who have battled to prioritize their own bodies through extraordinary difficulties. Employing a multiplicity of voices, the book represents a number of different perspectives on what it might look like to return health and medical data to embodied experience, to consider the effects of gendered and intersectional biomedical norms on lived realities, and to subvert the power of institutions in ways that move us toward biomedical justice.
This collection contributes to the burgeoning field of health and medical rhetorics by rhetorically and theoretically intervening in what are often seen as objective and neutral decisions related to the body and to scientific and medical data about bodies. Interrogating Gendered Pathologies will be of interest to feminist scholars in the field of rhetoric and writing studies, specifically those in the rhetorics of health and medicine, as well as scholars of technical communication, feminist studies, gender studies, technoscience studies, and bioethics.
Contributors: Leslie Anglesey, Mary Assad, Beth Boser, Lillian Campbell, Marleah Dean, Lori Beth De Hertogh, Leandra Hernandez, Elizabeth Horn-Walker, Caitlin Leach, Jordan Liz, Miriam Mara, Cathryn Molloy, Kerri Morris, Maria Novotny, Sage Perdue, Colleen Reilly

Erin A. Frost is associate professor in the Department of English at East Carolina University. Her work centering on issues of gender and feminism in technical communication has appeared in Communication Design Quarterly, Computers and Composition, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Rhetoric Review, Technical Communication Quarterly, Programmatic Perspectives, Peitho, and Present Tense.

Michelle F. Eble is associate professor of technical and professional communication at East Carolina University, where she teaches technical and professional writing courses and research methods. Her research interests include technical writing theory and practice that incorporate social justice interventions; inclusive professional development; and mentoring networks. She is coeditor of Key Theoretical Frameworks: Teaching Technical Communication in the 21st Century. She has published in Computers and Composition, Technical Communication, Present Tense, and Technical Communication Quarterly and has edited several collections. She serves as chair of ECU’s Behavioral and Social Sciences Institutional Review Board and past president of the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing.

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  • Author: edited by Erin A. Frost & Michelle F. Eble
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