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Benjamin B. Lindsey and Harvey J. O'Higgins

The founding judge of Denver's Juvenile Court from 1900 to 1927, Benjamin Barr Lindsey is credited as a pioneer of the U.S. juvenile court system. A 1914 poll ranked Lindsey among the ten greatest living Americans, along with by Thomas Edison and Theodore Roosevelt, but by 1929 he was ousted from his judgeship, was disbarred in the State of Colorado, and is now almost forgotten. He authored many other books during his lifetime, including The Revolt of Modern Youth (with Wainwright Evans, 1925), The Companionate Marriage (with Wainwright Evans, 1927), and his autobiography The Dangerous Life (with Rube Burrough, 1931). Harvey J. O'Higgins, who worked with Lindsey on The Beast, was the author of "The Smoke-Eaters" and "Don-a-Dreams,among other stories.

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