Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology

edited by Ruth M. Van Dyke and Reinhard Bernbeck

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“Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology will prove invaluable not only to new generations of scholars trying to find ways to keep archaeology relevant to a rapidly changing world but also to anyone teaching a class on topics such as professional ethics, archaeological writing, and archaeology and its place in society.”
—Anne Porter, James Madison University


Seeking to move beyond the customary limits of archaeological prose and representation, Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology presents archaeology in a variety of nontraditional formats. The volume demonstrates that visual art, creative nonfiction, archaeological fiction, video, drama, and other artistic pursuits have much to offer archaeological interpretation and analysis.

Chapters in the volume are augmented by narrative, poetry, paintings, dialogues, online databases, videos, audio files, and slideshows. The work will be available in print and as an enhanced ebook that incorporates and showcases the multimedia elements in archaeological narrative. While exploring these new and not-so-new forms, the contributors discuss the boundaries and connections between empirical data and archaeological imagination.

Both a critique and an experiment, Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology addresses the goals, advantages, and difficulties of alternative forms of archaeological representation. Exploring the idea that academically sound archaeology can be fun to create and read, the book takes a step beyond the boundaries of both traditional archaeology and traditional publishing.

Contributors: Doug Bailey, Reinhard Bernbeck, James G. Gibb, Isaac Gilead, Sarah M. Nelson, Mark Pluciennik, Sarah Pollock, Adrian Praetzellis, Mary Praetzellis, Melanie Simpkin, Jonathan T. Thomas, Ruth Tringham, Judy Tuwaletstiwa, Phillip Tuwaletstiwa, Ruth M. Van Dyke


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Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies


Ruth M. Van Dyke is professor of anthropology at Binghamton University, SUNY. She is an archaeologist specializing in the North American Southwest, and her research interests include landscape, architecture, power, memory, phenomenology, and visual representation. She has written some fifty articles and book chapters, and she is author or editor of six books, including Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology and The Chaco Experience. She directs projects on the Chaco landscape in northwest New Mexico and on historic Alsatian immigration in Texas.

Reinhard Bernbeck is professor at the Institute for Near Eastern Archaeology at Freie Universität Berlin. His research interests include the emergence of inequality in ancient societies and the political dimension of archaeological representations. He codirects multi-year excavation projects at Monjukli Depe in Turkmenistan and at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin.

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